FEM STRENGTH Verifications

Our Employees Have Extensive Experience in the Evaluation of FEM Results

The determination of stresses and deformations is usually only an intermediate step on the way to the statement whether the design meets the strength requirements.

An FEM simulation always assumes an idealised state of the component. In reality, many other aspects such as size coefficients, surface condition, etc. must be taken into account in addition to the assumptions regarding bearing and load.

Special demands are made in particular on those constructions whose functionality must be ensured in order to avoid personal injury over an entire product cycle.

The determination and display of stresses and deformations is no longer a particularly difficult task with modern graphic interfaces. However, the evaluation of the calculation results is very much so. Our employees have gained extensive experience in the evaluation of FEM results over many years. With our own programmed programmes, which are adapted to the special requirements, a cost-optimised and fast processing of the evaluation of the results takes place. With these measures it is possible for us to accelerate the project work.

FEM Strength Verifications
Our Competences
  • FKM guideline for mathematical strength verification of machine components

  • DIN EN 12663 - Strength requirements for railway vehicle bodies

  • DIN EN 13749 - Specification for strength requirements for bogie frames

  • DIN EN 15227 - Requirements for collision resistance of railway vehicle bodies

  • DIN EN 61373 - Test for vibration and shock

  • DVS Guideline 1608/1612 - Design and fatigue strength assessment of welded joints

  • Preparation of strength certificates for submission to testing or certification bodies

  • Strength proofs of adhesive and riveted joints

  • Testing the fatigue strength of plastics

  • Eurocode 3 - Design and construction of steel structures

  • Eurocode 9 - Design and construction of aluminium structures

  • Evaluation of the stress in welds

  • Evaluation of stresses from spectral vibration analyses (shaker test)

  • Mathematical verification for bolted connections according to VDI 2231

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