Virus Protection Concepts

Using CFD Flow Calculations to Develop Protection Concepts

Virus protection in times of corona - developing protection concepts with CFD flow analyses

Air conditioning systems regulate the room air in terms of temperature and humidity and are intended to ensure a pleasant feel-good factor in closed rooms. In addition to the above-mentioned parameters, CFD simulations can also be used to very easily determine particle flows and any local congestion concentrations in the room and to avoid them by appropriate control. At the same time, the simulation of the particle flow in the direction of a filter system for the neutralisation of infectious viruses can be ensured by a targeted feeding.

Simulation of air circulation in closed rooms under consideration of even smallest aerosol particles down to the nano range

Recommendations for the design of exhaust air or air conditioning systems by identifying areas of higher particle concentrations and developing concepts to reduce the risk of infection

Applicable for a large number of rooms with consideration of a high number of persons, for example in passenger compartments of railway vehicles

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