Computational-Fluid-Dynamics (CFD) Calculations as an Application Field of Numerical Simulation

Computational Fluid Dynamice (CFD) calculations are a relatively young field of application of numerical simulation. The calculation models can be very extensive depending on their complexity.

Thanks to the current cost situation, both for these complex applications and for simpler CFD simulations (e.g. the determination of wind loads or pressure losses), the required hardware can be presented much more economically than ten years ago.

We Offer
  • Pressure loss calculations

  • Determination of flow velocity and flow distribution

  • Flow calculation with liquids, gases and fluid mixtures

  • consideration of laminar and turbulent flow behaviour

  • Interaction with the environment (Fluid Structure Interaction)

  • Filling processes with free liquid surfaces including sloshing

  • Calculation of wind loads on building components and structures

  • Single and multi-phase flows - compressible and incompressible media

  • Heat transfer between liquid, gaseous and solid constructions

  • Evaluation of local thermal comfort, e.g. 'draught rating' DR

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