Digital Twin

Many Years of Expertise in the Field of Modeling

A digital twin is a digital-numerical representation of an already existing or still to be developed real object. The twin is described mathematically with respect to the real behavior in such a way that statements about the behavior of the real object are possible.

invenio is one of the leading providers of digital models in the fields of structural strength, thermal and flow as well as combined models from these engineering disciplines. We would be pleased to support you in selecting the relevant functions that an appropriate twin should have in order to make the statements you require.

It is also possible to feed back information of a real product into the twin in order to improve the model of the twin or to gain insights for a subsequent generation of the represented product. Examples for this are measurements from strain gauges or temperatures during operation, which can be used to make statements about the original load or flow using the twin.

The use of the digital models significantly increases the efficiency in the development of complex systems and at the same time enables our customers to significantly improve their product quality and thus their competitiveness. Numerous customers rely on our many years of experience with virtual models.

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