Structural Optimisation

Our Portfolio Includes Strength-Based Geometry Optimisation

The demands on developers today are significantly higher than 30 years ago. The customer not only wants a perfectly functioning product, but also a favourably priced one.

The sensible design of the geometry or a choice of material depends, among other things, on the load pattern and area of application. The specialists at invenio ensure that the designs are lighter and thus cost-reduced by carrying out a series of FEM simulations in which the highly loaded and unloaded areas are discovered.

Our Services
  • Improvement of the flow and thermomechanical characteristics

  • Computational examination of the use of alternative materials

  • Avoidance of critical voltage singularities

  • Weight reduction while maintaining stiffness and strength requirements

  • Parameter optimisation, for example for restraint systems

  • Proposed solutions taking into account the constructive feasibility

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